Justice, but only on TV

I watched an episode of “Saving Grace” last night on Netflix streaming. I’m new to the show — I don’t have TV, so I don’t see much in the way of current programming.

On the episode I watched last night, the main character of Grace (a cop in Oklahoma City) — played by Holly Hunter — confronts the retired priest who sexually molested her as a child. She’s tempted to kill him, she’s so angry. Instead, she sort of torments him for a while. She elicits a confession out of him, not just about the abuse he inflicted on her but on several other children.

She arrests him, he hires a lawyer and gets out on bond.

Within about a day, someone shoots and kills him on the street. We learn at the end of the show that he was killed by another now-grown child who was abused by him, not by Grace.

Although she is pretty dang happy about him being dead.

I don’t wish anyone dead. I do wish for justice, though. I won’t get it. Instead, my daughter and I will continue to live with the after-effects of horrific abuse, trying as best we can to move forward each day.

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