Weird and wonderful contrasts

This week has been one of the weirdest I can remember in a long, long time. Contrasts galore.

On the one hand, things are going really well for me in establishing myself as an entrepreneur. I’m not making loads of money yet, but I haven’t tried that hard, either. What I have been doing, instead, is giving, giving and giving some more. All in the name of building my reputation as a helpful resource for people who need assistance with video or WordPress websites.

And I took a HUGE leap. A few weeks ago, I started taking life coach training classes. For quite a while, I’ve thought I would make a good life coach. I didn’t want to invest several thousand dollars in a training program, so I started taking one class at a time through an organization called The Life Coach School. I’m now in my third class, and I love it.

So here’s the huge leap I took: In a wonderful Facebook group that I’m in, I offered to coach some people on a specific topic, which was moving from unhappiness to happiness about a single situation using a very focused method. Four people took me up on the offer, and tonight I completed one person’s sessions. She was thrilled and so thankful. I actually helped someone!

And then, on the other hand, I think I almost got fired from my job. For months now, my boss — for reasons I have not been able to figure out — has ignored me. She cancels meetings or stands me up. She doesn’t invite me to group meetings but invites the rest of the team. She almost never thanks me or praises my work.

Then suddenly, I was told that my absences from being sick were affecting my performance, which isn’t true; I think she was using that as an excuse of some kind, as she has never said anything about being dissatisfied with my work. I was asked to talk to HR about it, and I told them that every day I was out sick, I was actually working. They were surprised to hear that. I don’t know what the next step is there, but surprisingly I don’t have any negative thoughts or feelings about it.

I’m in control of my own life, and I create my present and future. What my boss does or doesn’t do is immaterial to me.

Yesterday I sent an email to people who have subscribed to my list via my business websites. Tonight, I got an email from one of my subscribers telling me she was glad I was feeling better (I had mentioned in the email that I was recuperating from the flu) and that I was a “kind and generous person.” I hear this sort of thing all the time from people in my entrepreneurial arenas. Such a contrast to my 9-5 job environment, where I hear nothing of the sort or, more likely, the opposite.

I know the answer is to keep putting myself in front of people who need what I have to offer them. I’ll be there full time before I know it.

I have loved this past week, and I know that if I can say that after almost being fired, I’m in a pretty good emotional place.

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