window display

On vacation until the new year

window displayIn the spirit of self-care, I have decided to take a vacation from this blog until the new year. During that time, I will be taking a real vacation for two weeks, visiting my daughter in Oxford.

The windows in the stores of NYC are always so beautiful this time of year. I took the photo here in 2011, as I haven’t gotten to see the window displays just yet. For some reason, I really liked this particular window. The “woman” looks so free, as through she has the ability to breathe underwater, with no constraints whatsoever.

That’s my goal, starting today: to move through my life with no constraints placed upon me, by myself or by anyone else, and to fulfill whatever goals I can create, in whatever time remains to me.

I hope the holiday season brings you much peace and joy. Let’s make 2013 a year for continued recovery and renewal.

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