Motivation, and then some

open fieldI am in a new phase of my life where my motivation level is so high, it’s impossible to even measure.

I’m getting closer to my goal of working for myself: making progress, even if it’s slow. I’ve managed to make a little money on my own, and I’m learning how to package my skills in a way that can reap major financial rewards.

More importantly, I’m letting go of all the old beliefs about myself that have held me back. I’m not done yet — these beliefs are pesky — but I’m making progress on that front, too. Beliefs about money, about my worth, about my ability to contribute and help people … they’re all shifting dramatically.

Is life perfect? No. But it’s definitely better. And I’m the one who is making it better.

That feels great, even on days when things don’t quite align. I’m in control of my destiny, my life, my days, my time, my thoughts, my feelings. I now understand where I’ve been and where I am now.

I’m motivated to keep going on this path, and I’m never looking back.

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