It’s a new day

Today is the day I actually made a big change in my professional life.

This is really huge for me. I wish I’d been able to be in an emotional place 10 or 20 years ago to make something happen, but I wasn’t, and I have to accept it.

More grieving about that, for sure. But that’s OK. I’ve learned that I need to go through those feelings every time I reach a new level of comprehension of what the trauma did to me and to my life.

Today, though, I made a big step toward changing my life. I published another book on Kindle, this time a short story — fiction! My first try putting something out there.

After careful reflection and a lot of tough inner work over the last 7 months, particularly focused on my professional life,  I have finally reached the conclusion that I just want to write. Period. I don’t want to work with clients, as I used to. I just want to write my own books and build a following of loyal, entertained readers.

And I’m absolutely certain I can do it, since it’s now my sole focus. No, I’m not quitting my day job yet. But my off time is going to be devoted to writing and publishing, and then promoting my books.

Go me. :-)

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