Happy Thanksgiving, everyone

Luckily, I have a much more efficient juicer than this one. Otherwise, I’d be building a LOT of muscles over this juice fast.

If you celebrate the holiday, I hope it’s happy and stress-free.

I’m not celebrating Thanksgiving in the traditional way this year. We recently visited our family in another state, and my daughter is overseas.

So instead, I decided to do a brief juice fast for the first time, to support my husband’s effort to jumpstart his diet. While I don’t need to lose weight, I thought I’d try it for a day or two. Doing it over Thanksgiving weekend makes it easier, since I don’t have to go into the office.

It also seemed an appropriate time to focus on the essentials: what I need for my mind, body and soul. Perhaps a day or two of fasting instead of overeating will bring me clearer understanding of what’s been causing me such difficulty recently. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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