An excellent video about PTSD

This video is a great discussion of PTSD related to the three principles of thought, consciousness and mind. Dr. Pettit clearly feels strongly that, in his opinion, his profession — psychiatry — has made things worse for people with PTSD, and actually increased our suffering.

I couldn’t agree more. I know that people go into those professions of counseling and psychiatry to help people, but I was not helped by it at all. I can’t even begin to count up the years I spent in therapy, with some terrible therapists and with some spectacular ones. But even the spectacular ones failed because they were looking at PTSD — and all other mental illnesses, in my opinion — from the completely wrong angle.

If I had understood the three principles earlier, if I had had the language to describe them and actually SEE where my anxiety, etc., were coming from, I could have eliminated my symptoms quickly. Because when I did begin to understand these principles, my life changed effortlessly for the better. I learned, most of all, that THERE WAS/IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME.

We don’t have to be afraid of our thoughts or memories, and we don’t have to fight them, as Dr. Pettit says. If we can learn to not be afraid of our thinking and recognize that thought flows like a stream inevitably toward better thinking, and we stop putting rocks in the way by being scared of them or trying to change them, we will feel GREAT. Well-being is our birthright. We are born happy. The only thing that keeps us from feeling it is our being afraid of our thinking.

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