What a difference a few days makes

When I see where I was just a few days ago, emotionally and mentally, I am awestruck by the power of the mind — and more importantly, the power I have over my mind.

I have come to understand that my thoughts are mine, and they can be whatever I want them to be. In turn, I can change my feelings almost on a dime just be moving my thoughts a degree this way or that.

A few days ago, I was making the final preparations for an online course I was going to be delivering this weekend. It started Friday night with a live webinar and is still happening right now (Sunday afternoon).

So there I was last Monday, thinking everything was ready to go.

And then I had an epiphany of sorts. I went back through my presentation and realized that it was missing a fundamental piece. It wasn’t that I had overlooked it. It was that it hadn’t quite come together in my mind in a way that I knew I could explain to others.

I had a choice: I could go ahead with what I originally planned, which I knew would be helpful because it is what I had been doing with several coaching clients.

Or I could change everything and try something untested — at least by me — with this small group of people enrolled in my weekend workshop.

After giving it some thought, I went with the latter. For 4 days and nights leading up to the webinar, all I did was work on the presentation. I worked in the morning before I went to my job, at lunch, and when I got home. The day of the webinar, I was still working on it when I got up at 6 am and basically said, At 7:30 am, this is done.

I finished it and went through my day at work, trying to be as present as possible there. Whenever I thought about the webinar and the workshop starting that night, I told myself, This is simply what I must say to these wonderful people because I know it can help them. They’ll either think I’m crazy or that I’ve given them the keys to the kingdom, but I cannot let the outcome deter me from saying what needs to be said.

When the webinar began, I actually didn’t feel nervous at all. I spoke, and I kept sharing from the deepest place inside myself.

A miracle happened. Each person in the group took something from what I said and transformed her own thinking and the way she was feeling. Their comments to me were like something out of a dream come true. That I could be a conduit for this sort of mindset shift in other people that helped them move forward and achieve things they didn’t think they could? It was almost too much for me to comprehend, and still is.

Now I know that I can truly help people in a specific and tangible way. And I intend to broaden my audience to include as many people as possible, starting right now.

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