Stuck my neck out

A few days ago, I did something that felt a little crazy.

I put an offer up in a Facebook group I’m in for free happiness coaching.

What was I thinking? I don’t know. I wasn’t thinking, really. I was just feeling it.

And I got a few takers. Amazing!

I coached them via email, using the techniques I’m learning in The Life Coach School. Not only was it rewarding, but it was fun for me to see how people’s minds work for them and against them. It’s teaching me a TON about myself, too.

I got one testimonial, with two others saying they would write them, too. So guess what? Now I’m going to have THREE businesses going at once: website coaching, happiness coaching, and video creating.

At some point, I know I’ll probably abandon the website and video work and focus solely on the coaching and writing nonfiction and fiction books for Kindle. That’s fine. I have had to go on this wild and wacky journey from business to business to business, making money and getting into debt, taking courses and abandoning courses.

The difference now is that I’m firmly focused on a life of abundance. Any thoughts about scarcity or lack of money or lack of time … BANISHED. I’m on them so fast, they don’t stand a chance in my head.

I’m about to go on vacation for 10 days, but when I get back, June is going to be a knockout month: I’m creating trainings and webinars, writing my fiction and nonfiction with publishing dates set in stone for the end of July.

Watch out, world. I’m here. And I’m proudly sticking my neck out because it feels GOOD.

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