I can only know myself

pink flower
photo by me

I am the only person whom I can truly know.

And that is a major part of my life’s goal: to really know myself so thoroughly, there is never a question about how I feel about something or someone.

The other part of my life’s goal is to contribute only positive energy to the world. I am going to stop complaining, stop worrying, stop second-guessing myself, and so forth. Whenever any of those negative thoughts or feelings arise, i will acknowledge them, accept them and move on.

Eckhart Tolle talks about 3 states of being in relationship to what you do in life. You can accept it, enjoy it or be enthusiastic about it.

Notice that there’s no hate in there? Such as, “I hate my job”?

I may not enjoy something or being enthusiastic about doing it. But in that case, I will accept it instead of resist it. Resistance only prolongs the suffering I create for myself. Accept something, and then I can make change happen much faster.

But I started this post talking about knowing only myself. I spent most of my life out of touch with many of aspects of myself, all of which had been hidden from me by the after-effects of abuse.

I realized just in the past few weeks, however, that the light that is me, the inner me, never died. It never even dimmed. It acted as a lamp, showing me the way through darkness.

Now I’m looking straight at that light. I’m looking at myself and discovering who I am. I intend to enjoy this journey.


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