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Changes … are good, right?

What a start to 2016 …

First thing: I got really ill with bronchitis and spent nearly a month in bed, coughing. Not entirely in bed, but almost.

Then … I lost my new job. I didn’t get fired or anything like that, but I was very unhappy with the work situation and couldn’t come to a compromise with management. I may be freelancing for them starting in March, though.

But it means that as of this very moment, my husband and I have no income and dwindling reserves, with big bills to pay.

It looks like he’ll have a new job starting in March, which would be awesome — it’s an amazing opportunity for him to do meaningful work for a U.N. project.

As for me, I have alerted my circles that I’m looking for work. But even more than that, I’ve set my GPS to “Mary becomes a successful coach who supports her entire household with this work.” I want it to happen by my birthday this summer, and I’m not going to quit until it does. There’s no turning back.

I had dinner with one of my friends the other night, and she said to me, in no uncertain terms, “You’re thinking too small. Go BIG with what you want to do. Bigger than you think you can.”

She believes I should approach companies like Microsoft and Google! That’s how much she trusts that what I’m doing is valuable — so why shouldn’t I?

Long story short, I’m heeding her advice and going big. In one day, I put up a new website and ordered my business cards. I’m now in the process of writing out of a list of my current contacts who might be interested in what I’m doing.

There’s nothing for me to lose. I have no money, anyway, so I’m not risking anything there!

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