Never one to sit idly by

Last night I was freaked out by the idea of losing half of our household income. Maybe it won’t come to that, but I can’t afford — literally — to paint a rosier picture of the situation and pretend the threat doesn’t exist. I suppose one “benefit” of being someone like me is that my danger meter is quite strong and doesn’t let me sit idly by while disaster strikes. I’ll never be one of those people who says, “I never saw it coming.”


I’ve never done any work via Elance, so last night I wrote five proposals responding to freelance job ads on there. No idea if I’ll get any of them, but it was a good exercise to see a) what people are looking for in the freelance marketplace (writing of all kinds), and b) what they’re willing to pay for it (read: not much).

I’m also reading two excellent books about how to promote my Kindle books. One of them says that hiring a cover designer is an “absolute must,” or I’ll create something “so ugly” it won’t be attractive to potential readers. OK, well, I designed the covers myself and they were … serviceable.

After finishing writing the Elance job responses, I sat down with Photosthop for about an hour and revamped the covers of my two short stories on Amazon for Kindle. Are they perfect? No. Are they eye-catching and provocative? I think so. Enough to get more people to click? I hope so. You be the judge. :-)

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