An excellent article by a man, asking for men to help women end domestic violence

Let’s hear it for Dean Obeidallah!

Check out this article he penned asking his fellow men to join in the fight against domestic violence.

He says that like many men, he had no idea the extent of the carnage perpetrated by men on women. He quotes several statistics, such as the following:

“More women in the United States have been killed by their husbands and boyfriends (11,766) during the time of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars than U.S. troops fighting those wars (6,488)”

“The NYPD receives 700-plus phone calls per day from women who are victims of domestic violence”

Read the full article here. Let’s get men involved and make domestic violence a thing of the past. Too many of us are dying and being harmed irreparably by this societal scourge.

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