I’m loving this ride

When I wrote my last post in February of this year, I had no idea what was in store for me.

So far, on a practical note, I’ve been able to pay the bills by working for myself — with some reliance on a credit card when it’s been necessary. But my coaching business is emerging nicely, as is a writing/editing/web business that I’m doing with my husband.

But even more important, I have met SO MANY AMAZING PEOPLE! I can’t even begin to count them all — including Michael Neill, whose book The Inside-Out Revolution absolutely changed my life.

I’ve also come up with something that I think will really reach people in a new and interesting way. I’ve called it Mind Yoga, and I even released a book on Amazon with the same title. It’s the second book I’ve released this year; the first was The Joy Formula.

I don’t know where I’ll be in all this by my birthday in about 3 weeks — that was the day I wanted to be working for myself and making some good money. As I’m writing this post, I’m in Oslo, Norway, about to attend a ground-breaking conference called One Solution. It could also be the beginning of something life changing.

Have there been setbacks? Yes. My daughter has been ill. We did have one major financial problem that we’re sorting out. We’re now looking at moving, which we hope will be a good thing.

But I’m having so much fun. If I were to die today, I’d feel like I lived a really full and beautiful life.

Do I know who I am?

Most of the time, I forget who I am.

I think I’m actually this person who has tons of thoughts rolling around in her head.

I think I’m actually this person who works for a living.

I think I’m actually a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece.

I think I’m actually a writer.

I think I’m actually my feelings.

I think I’m actually my ego.

I think I’m actually the image I see in the mirror.

But I am none of those things. I can’t even truly see myself for who I am, nor could I ever.

The best I can do is see that I am none of those things. I’m not this container. I’m the container that’s containing the container. :-)

Everything is OK. It always has been. It always will be.

Yesterday I had a few moments of emotional upset. I was actually kind of freaking myself out. I was angry about something related to my job, I was mad at my husband about something else, and I was frustrated with myself.

It wasn’t anxiety, but it was more like “I hate everything right now!”

As soon as I saw myself thinking, the whole scene slowed down — almost like a movie where suddenly everyone is moving in slow motion.

And then I saw what was really happening.

All that upset was coming from inside my own head. It had nothing to do with anything on the outside, because everything on the outside of me is neutral.

Only I can make it “un-neutral” via the power of Thought, which is creating my experience from moment to moment.

In the space that was created after I saw my thinking, a feeling of peace came over me that was so profound it nearly stopped my breath.

I realized that no matter what is happening around me, no matter what anyone says or does, no matter how much money I have or don’t have, no matter if I get sick and die …

Everything is OK. Everything has always been OK. Everything always will be OK.

Another book recommendation

I’ve been reading and listening to a book by Jamie Smart, called Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results. I really like this book. It’s based on the Three Principles, but it describes them in a very different way that I find quite fascinating.

Yesterday, I did two long walks and was listening to Clarity again for the second, or maybe third, time. Every time I listen, I hear something new. One thing I heard this time was this: “We all have material challenges from time to time. What turns them into insoluble problems is our thinking.”

I also have come to see that even if I really think I have a problem, so what? I can go about my business even with any uncomfortable feelings that arise. I know those feelings aren’t coming from anywhere other than my thinking, so why do I need to be worried or afraid? I don’t!

Such freedom I feel in my life now!