Planning 2014

sunsetI know that 2014 is going to be an amazing year for me. Here’s what I have planned:

– Finish writing the next 3 short stories in my Kindle series (by April)

– Take all those short stories — 8 total — and turn them into a novel (finish by the end of the year)

– Write 3 nonfiction books for Kindle

– Officially launch a video-creation business (happening in January — yay!); have already started this, so I just need to do a couple of small things to the website and it’s ready to go

– Start offering free marketing classes online (happening in January)

– Launch a rather different type of copywriting business (happening in February)

– Travel

– Pay off my credit card debt

– Continue to practice mindfulness and tapping

Exciting times for me. How about you?

I didn’t want to write this, but I did, anyway

Photo by me of one of my favorite places in this world.

Today marks 30 years since I married my abusive ex-husband.

On this date in 1983, my life was irreparably changed.

I’m sitting here staring at the flashing cursor, not knowing what to write.

So I’ll just say this:

I no longer see myself as a DV victim or even a DV survivor.

I see myself as ME. I live my life as ME. I feel present in this life as ME. I feel connected to others as ME.

My life situation is not exactly what I want it to be.

But my inner life now belongs to me. And I’m truly living, every single day.

So I will not grieve for the version of myself who was left behind 30 years ago today.

Instead I will celebrate who I am today, right now, in this present moment.

Forging ahead and trying not to look back

Photo by me
Photo by me

These past few days, I’ve been doing a ton of work on my new business venture — it helps, in a way, that I’ve had the flu. I couldn’t go to work and have barely gotten out of bed for 4 days. So I’ve used the time to work on my own stuff.

I’m putting a course online and will use it as a platform to gain private clients interested in learning how to streamline and simplify their marketing efforts.

I’m also developing two more business “prongs,” both related strictly to writing — which is my strongest skill, so I figure it’s a relatively easy way to ramp things up even faster.

Even with all of this focused work going on, I have to keep reminding myself to be present and not look back. I just purchased another book — actually a recording of a lecture — by Eckhart Tolle that specifically deals with letting go of past pain.

I still have some of that, and I realized today that it doesn’t have anything to do with my first marriage, but everything to do with my second — the one I’m currently in.

What I also came to terms with today (which I’ve thought of before) is that I only have control over my life situation, and no one else’s. I can become more conscious of my life and my choices, and therefore make things better for myself. What my husband chooses to do, or doesn’t choose to do … well, that’s not in my control at all. That’s especially true in regards to depression; a person outside the illness has zero influence on the depressed person. I found that out the hard way.

I can’t make my husband talk to me. I can’t make him feel empathy for me. I can’t make him more tuned in to my needs. I can’t make him change in any way at all. He has to do all of that himself. Or not.

All I can do is be present in my own life. From that place of inner peace, free of problems and worry and pain, I can make choices I need to make.

It’s really weird. But I don’t feel afraid of anything anymore. I’ll make mistakes, I’ll feel grief, I’ll feel all of the difficult things that life brings. But I’m not afraid of those difficult things anymore.

I don’t even have the desire to debate or argue with people, nor do I want to gossip or complain.

Just in the past two days, I have let go of the need to feel any self-pity or discuss what happened to me in my first marriage and beyond. No one else in my life needs to hear that story from me.

My story is helping the people who need to hear it, the women who write to me and tell me about their experiences.

I am forging ahead, with a renewed spirit.