Suffering is optional

When I go through my days now, I have such an incredible sense of peace that I almost can’t believe it.

Gone are the PTSD symptoms, like fear, twitchiness, anxiety, worry.

I don’t even worry about money anymore (even though my finances need a bit of help right now) — something that used to consume my thoughts 24 hours a day.

Instead of pushing to make things happen in my professional life, I’m now being the creation, myself. I’m allowing the creative force — called Mind, in the three principles language — to express itself through me instead of trying to tell it what to do.

The results are rather astonishing, actually. I haven’t made any money yet on my own — well, that’s not entirely true. I’ve made a few dollars by selling a few copies of my novel and from coaching someone in the principles. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m coming at entrepreneurship from an entirely different side now.

My writing life is pretty interesting, as well, with ideas for new novels and short stories happening daily. I just need to set up a good writing schedule for myself, and I’ll be on my way there, too.

I owe it all to my new understanding of how we all work: that Thought is a gift with which we can create our lives, for good or for ill. I created so much suffering for myself for so many years. Now I understand that suffering is optional. I will never suffer again.