An inspiring survivor story

Here is a beautiful story in the NY Times about a woman whose estranged husband attacked her and burned her with lye. Her face was obliterated, and she suffered burns over 80 percent of her body.

She received a face transplant earlier this year … and she also found love — before she got the transplant.

The ending of the video really puts things into perspective, about what it means to be really happy.

Take a look.

A safety plan / DV awareness month

hotlineOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I almost missed it!

If you are reading this blog and need a safe way to escape an abusive relationship, click here to go to the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s excellent resources for planning a safe exit.

That link goes to a page with several types of safe escape plans:

– If you’re still in the abusive situation

– If you have children

– If you have pets

– If you are pregnant

For every woman out there who is, or has been, in an abusive relationship, please know that I am thinking of you. You are the strongest women I know, and I love you with all my heart.

I didn’t want to write this, but I did, anyway

Photo by me of one of my favorite places in this world.

Today marks 30 years since I married my abusive ex-husband.

On this date in 1983, my life was irreparably changed.

I’m sitting here staring at the flashing cursor, not knowing what to write.

So I’ll just say this:

I no longer see myself as a DV victim or even a DV survivor.

I see myself as ME. I live my life as ME. I feel present in this life as ME. I feel connected to others as ME.

My life situation is not exactly what I want it to be.

But my inner life now belongs to me. And I’m truly living, every single day.

So I will not grieve for the version of myself who was left behind 30 years ago today.

Instead I will celebrate who I am today, right now, in this present moment.