Rough start to the week but pulled myself together

I had a bit of a breakdown last night and this morning. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, mostly financial ones, in the past several years. I made another one last week, although I didn’t realize it until last night.

This morning, I woke up in a complete panic, had a meltdown, and then pulled myself together.

It was actually kind of amazing to me how calm I felt, and how fast, by using the techniques I’ve been teaching myself lately: tapping/EFT and the Eckhart Tolle teachings.

I spent part of the day today taking action to rectify my mistake. I made some progress and will make even more as the weeks go on. My new business is starting to gain some momentum in terms of email subscriptions, and I have my first client — yay! I’m sure she’ll be the first of many.

I just have to remember that most mistakes can be corrected in some way, shape or form. Those that can’t, can’t. But this one definitely can. I just need to use some elbow grease and determination, that’s all. And forgive myself for making the mistake — and never make it again. I refuse to cause myself this kind of anguish again. I deserve better treatment, especially from me!

Will write a 2nd edition in 2014


Among my personal and professional goals for the rest of 2013 and 2014:

  • Finish writing and self-publishing my Amazon Kindle fiction series — I have 3 stories to go. I plan to publish at least 2 before the end of this year.
  • I’d like to write a 2nd edition of I Am Just A Woman, including a lengthy addendum about the healing I’ve done on myself since completing the trauma therapy in spring of 2012.
  • Start turning a serious profit from two new business ventures, both of which I’m starting right now.
  • And most of all, continue on the path I’ve begun by studying the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. I enjoy the feeling — even though it’s usually fleeting — of really being myself now. I don’t want to go back to living my life mostly unconsciously, and I’ve noticed in this past week, in particular, how much time I spend in that state. I plan to change that, starting right now.

No words today


I’m finding it challenging to write about what’s happening with me these days, so I thought I would share another original photo, instead. I hope you enjoy it. I took it inside a conservatory at a beautiful park near where I live. It’s a majestic flowering vine that rivals any great masterwork, adorning the front wall of the entrance and immediately putting the visitor at ease.

As for me … Finding strength and light within myself. Enjoying the moment. Not blue. Just feeling. Not thinking. Just being.